DR alexi
Alexej Septimus is a Hero appearing in Empire Earth I. He is also a scientist, who is specialised in Cyber Technology. His weapon labor in Poland was closed and flew to the Russian Motherland. Because of his patriotism to Russia and exile from Western Europe, he built an army of cybers and responsible for the creation of Grigor II. He helped Novaya Russia to take all Europe, and most of Middle East and North Africa. He is also seen in Moscow during Changing of The Guard. He was old and near death, but he gave a new pacemaker to Grigor, so he was still able to live in comfort in his last days.

Some facts about Septimus:

  • He is first seen in the mission Novaya Russia in the russian campaign, he also appears in the mission Changing of the Guard.
  • He is the strategist hero of the Digital Age.
  • He stands on a floating platform that fires a laser.

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