The Arquebusier is a unit from the Renaissance (Age VI, after Middle age), and is the first Ranged infantry to wield a Gun weapon, which has a medium range (being 5), with a slow rate of fire (Around 3,5 seconds per shot). Despite that, the Arquebusier is an excelent counter to Gun Cavalry, Citizens and Other Infantry. The unit wields a big and early Arqueus, wears a leather vest with brown leather boots and a helm, simmilar to Spanish Conquistadores helms.

Keep your Arquebusier away from Sword cavalry, as they have a strong bullet resistance, and can kill your Gunmen in 3 to 5 hits (depending in the life of your arquebusier, and the damage the Sword Cavalry does), a good way to prevent this to happen, is to have your gunmen in company with Gun Cavalry, which counters melee cavalry with ease.

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