Cavalry is a mounted unit product in stable and archery range(mounted archer). They are stronger, faster, more durable than infantry, but they are expensive and cost 2 pop cap. Most of cavalry are melee, but there are ranged, such as Gun Cavalry, Persian Cavalry and Mounted archer(produced at archery range). There are two special cavalry : War Elephant(Produced at Stable) and Elephant Archer(Produced at Archery Range). They were built from Copper Age until Industrial Age. This is the type of Cavalry:

Shock Cavalry

Shock Cavalry consists horseman and its upgrade. They are effective against shock infantry,foot and mounted archer, and gun infantry, but are not effective against pierce cavalry and infantry.

Pierce Cavalry

Pierce cavalry consists bronze cavalry and its upgrade and War Elephant. They are effective against both shock infantry and cavalry, pierce infantry, but are not effective against arrow cavalry and infantry(Foot Archer and Mounted Archer)and Gun Infantry and Cavalry.

Ranged Cavalry

Ranged Cavalry were divided into two

Mounted archer

Mounted archer use bows and horse/elephant as their weapon. They are effective against Pierce Cavalry and Infantry but are not effective against Shock Cavalry and Infantry, Gun Infantry and Cavalry.

Gun Cavalry

GunCavalry use gun and horse as their weapon. They are effective against Pierce Units, Shock Units, Arrow Units, Sword Cavalry but are not to Gun Infantry.

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