Unit Information
Epoch: 11-12
Trained at: Dock
Type: Warships
Attack type: Guns
HP: 820
Attack: 190
Speed: 1.7
Range: 10
LOS: 11
Cost: 153 Wood 196 Gold 242 Oil
Pop count: 3
Upgrades from: Privateer
Upgrades to: Sensor Destroyer

The Destroyer is a ship in Empire Earth II that is a warship. It is a master at attacking submarines, and it easily destroys them. Battleships can beat them in a fight, though. They (like all warships) are very good at attacking ground units and upgrades to the Sensor Destroyer. It upgrades from the Privateer in Epoch 10. If it is the sensor Destroyer, it can attack planes but not the origonal Destroyer.


The Destroyer's weakness is probably a Battleship (unless the Destroyers are in great numbers) and subs in great numbers.


The Destroyer is very good at attacking a submarine.

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