Unit Information
Epoch: Atomic - WW1 only
Trained at: Barracks
Type: Infantry
Attack type: Gun
HP: 370
Attack: 44
Armor: N/A
Speed: 12
Range: 6
Cost: 40 Food, 40 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 40 Seconds
Upgrades from: Grenadier
Upgrades to: Marine

Doughboy is WW1 styled British Soldier. They are able to train in barracks in Atomic Age: WW1. They are upgrade from Grenadiers. They are good against Citizens and Cavalry. In the 1st mission of the German campaign, they are renamed as Russian Infantry and are from the Industrial Age.


They wear brown shirt, beage vest, its hat and shoes coloured as player colour, and they have a gun

In real lifeEdit

Doughboy is soldier in WW1

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