Erwin Rommel
Unit Information
Trained at: Town Center / Capitol
Attack type: Gun
HP: 3650
Armor: 0
Speed: 14
Range: 8
Cost: 430 Food, 360 Gold
Pop count: Special
Build time: 160 seconds
Upgrades from: DeVerran (430 Food, 360 Gold, 160 seconds)
Upgrades to: RW Bresden (430 Food, 360 Gold, 160 seconds)
Generalfeldmarschall Erwin "The Desert Fox" Rommel (german: Der Wüstenfuchs) was a Strategist-hero type available in World War II. He played a role in the German Campaign, in which he commanded German forces attacking Great Britain. Weaker versions of him, known as the German Officer and Count Holck, appeared in the German Campaign as an exclusive.

Operation Sea Lion Edit

Erwin Rommel was tasked to lead the German forces in the offensive against Great Britain. Though it was never implemented historically, Rommel was featured in the game as the man in charge of the operation.

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