Unit Information
Epoch: Nano Age Only
Trained at: Barracks
Type: Infantry
Attack type: Gun
HP: 800
Attack: 74
Armor: N/A
Speed: 12
Range: 6
LOS: 8
Cost: 40 Food, 40 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 27 Seconds
Upgrades from: Sentinel
Upgrades to: Watchman
The Guardian is the last and most powerful infantry Gunman available in Empire Earth, and the second last and second most powerful Gunman in Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest. They can be created in the Barracks and are only available in the Nano Age; Empire Earth's final age, and the second last age of Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest (succeeded by the Space Age).

The unit is depicted as a soldier with a white uniform and black boots, along with a helmet that hides the face of the Guardian. They are quite similar to their Digital Age counterparts - the Sentinels - in terms of their futuristic uniforms and the fact that they shoot lasers. The Guardians have plated uniforms, however. The Guardians have trousers and wrists that are the colour of the player's faction colour.


Guardians fighting in battle.

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