Heavy Mounted is a unit class in Empire Earth II. Up to Epoch X they are close-range cavalry. From Epochs XI and on they are heavy armoured units. Heavy Mounted units recieve bonuses against Light Infantry and Heavy Artillery.

Unit VariationsEdit

  • Mounted Infanty
  • Armoured Cavalry
  • Medieval Cavalry
  • Lancer
  • Imperial Lancer
  • Machinegun Tank
  • Assualt Tank
  • Main Battle Tank
  • Myrmidon Heavy Tank


  • There is a glitch associated with diverionary heavy mounted units(Epochs XII- XIII), where you can convert them with the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan. After converted they will not dissapear, continue to glow, and be invincible, but are able to damage other units and buildings. (this does not work with the patched version or AoS).


  • The Assualt Tank is based off the M60 Patton, while the Main Battle Tank is based off the M1 Abrams.

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