Molly Ryan

Molly Ryan is a character from the Russian campaign in Empire Earth. She is also the "strategy" hero for the Nano Age. (XIV)


Little is actually known about Molly Ryan. What is known is that she is an agent in the US military, and appears to have some sort of metallic helmet that covers her eyes and head, with dreadlock like tendrils coming out the back. During Grigor II's takeover of Cuba, Molly Ryan was stationed in the southern United States and had control over both a large navy and some Missile Bases. She met with the Russian traitor, Sergei Molotov and decided, against her better judgement to ally with him, after Molotov presented to her the plans for the Time Machine. Molly and Molotov then had to take back Cuba in order to build the time machine that would allow them to stop Grigor II's plan to bring future technology into the past in order to speed up Grigor Stoyanovich's takeover of Russia. Her fate, along with Molotov's is left unclear after they stop Grigor II and kill Grigor Stoyanovich.

In Game StatsEdit

Cost: 430 food/360 gold

Age: XIV (Nano)

Population Count: Special (1 Hero)

Build Time: 160 seconds

Research Cost/time: 100 gold/30 seconds (Upgrade of Alexi Septimus)

HP: 5,000

Attack: 85 (Laser)

Armor: None

Range: 8

Speed: 14

Power: 150

Abilities: Battle Cry (75 BP/ Lowers enemy unit moral for a limited amount of time)

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