Unit Information
Epoch: Imperial Age Only
Trained at: Barracks
Type: Infantry
Attack type: Gun
HP: 325
Attack: 44
Armor: N/A
Speed: 12
Range: 5
LOS: 5
Cost: 40 Food, 40 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 27 Seconds
Upgrades from: Arquebus
Upgrades to: Grenadier
The Musketeer is a unit in the Imperial epoch of Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest.

The unit is a depiction of a man with a musket (hence the name 'Musketeer') and typical old-fashioned Early Modern Period clothing. The cape of the Musketeer is the colour of the player's faction colour (default: Blue).

Musketeers played an important part in real-life armies of the European powers in Early Modern times. They mostly were on foot, however those on horseback were known as Cavalrymen or Dragoons.

The Musketeer is upgraded from the Renaissance Arquebus and is upgraded to the Industrial Grenadier.

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