Civilization Bonuses and Unique Units Strategy
Novaya Russia is a fictional civilization in Empire Earth. It was founded in 2016, by Grigor Stoyanovich. They are the main focus of the Russian Campaign, as both the player's civilization and an enemy (in the last 2 levels). The flag of Novaya Russia is gold, Russian Orthodox cross
Flag of Novaya Russia

Flag of Novaya Russia.

with a red background. Trivia:

Novaya Russia is only power that is communist

In Art of Conquest Novaya Russia is known with New Novaya

Novaya Russia are a first Martian Colonies that has ability to advanced to Space age

They are the first Martian settlement that the base is heavily defended,which will slower the invaders and give casasulties to other enemy

They are only the colony which have missile base

They are the one of the most powerful world power,able to shake off Western European Alliance,conquer most of of the Eurasia,and finally conquer world(unsuccesfully). In Art Of Conquest,they are known as fascist military state,just like it predecessor empire earth,focus in military thing.

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