Novaya Russia is the second scenario of the Russian Campaign in Empire Earth.



It took many years, but the dual humiliations of a lost election and failed coup had finally been avenged. Deep inside the Kremlin, as Grigor Stoyanovich settled into his new residence, vodka flowed freely in celebration of the victory. But maps and battle plans were already being prepared for the next phase of expansion. Grigor wanted more territory, and he knew just from where to take it. 


  • The British will be sending Transports over from Scotland. If they reach the mainland, they will unload troops that will head straight for Moscow. The only way to stop this is to destroy all the Docks in Great Britain.
  • It would be easier to deal with the rebels first
  • Building an Espionage Center will make it easier to spot where the rebels are hiding.


Grigor turned his popular support and early victories over government forces into a full-fledged revolution. By the summer of 2023, Moscow had fallen and Grigor had taken up residence in the Kremlin. Under the banner of his distorted Coptic Cross, Grigor solidified his hold on power in the newly established nation of Novaya Russia. 

Empire earth black robes by avenger09-d5tm2j0

Black Robe art

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