Unit Information
Trained at: Barracks
Attack type: Pierce
HP: 155
Armor: 3 shock
Speed: 12
Range: 0
Cost: 30 Food, 30 Iron
Pop count: 1
Build time: 40 seconds
Upgrades from: Spearman (55 Food, 55 Iron, 40 seconds)
Upgrades to: Pikeman (80 Food, 80 Iron, 40 seconds)
A Phalanx is a pierce infantry unit available for the Bronze and Dark Ages. It is an upgraded Spearman. The Phalanx upgrades to the Pikeman.

Unit Strategy Edit

Phalanxes remain the counter to shock infantry and cavalry. They are more powerful, but less durable, than the Short Sword, their shock counterpart. Certain civilizations have bonuses on these units.

Bonuses Edit

  • Greece: +25% attack, +20% HP and Speed
  • Babylon: +25% attack, +20% Speed, -30% Build Time

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