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Prehistoric age

A little tribe of the Prehistory.

The Prehistoric Age (500000 BC - 50000 BC) is the first epoch in Empire Earth. Choices for units and buildings

are few, and the only ways to collect food are hunting and foraging.

Players in the Prehistoric Age can advance to the Stone Age for a substantial amount of Food. The number of units required depends on the circumstances. In a typical scenario, the advancement costs 750 Food , while in a Random Map Game the number is usually 1122 Food . It also takes 125 Seconds to epoch up to the Stone Age.

Empire Earth I Edit

Units Edit

  • Citizen Basic unit of your civilization, they collect resources and build buildings.
  • Canine Scout Early unit used for scouting.
  • Rock Thrower Earliest ranged military unit.
  • Clubman Shock melee unit.
  • Priest Used to convert enemy units to player's control.
  • Prophet A religious unit that can cast calamities. Prophets can give effective support against most enemy threats, but are hindered by temples.

Buildings Edit

  • Settlement A very important part of your empire, settlements work as drop off points for resources. Populating it with 5 citizens turns it into a Town Center. Populating the town center with 10 more citizen turns it into a capitol.
  • House Unlike in Age of Empires, houses in Empire Earth do not increase your population capacity, but instead, increase the morale bonus, gained by units and towers inside the radius of a town center or capitol, this makes your units harder to kill.
  • Barracks The most basic unit producing building available, barracks provide you with infantry units throughout the game. Unlike many other such buildings, Barracks do not become obsolete. They stay useful throughout all epochs.
  • Temple This building allows you to recruit priests and prophets, as well as researching and protecting you from calamities.
  • Tower - a purely defensive structure. Towers attack any enemy unit that comes to its range, including naval units and submarines.

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