Unit Information
Epoch: Ancient
Trained at: City Center
Type: Support
Attack type: None
HP: 250
Attack: N/A
Speed: 22
Cost: * 50 Raw Material
  • 150 Wealth
Pop count: 1
Upgrades from: N/A


Is a first unique units of Middle-Eastern & avaliable in the first game. It a un-armer units.

A fast horse rider with excenllent LOS but no attack. The scout is a detector or stealthy units & can act as a permanent emissary by garrisoning in an AI player's or tribe city center to improve relations. The units can learn to infilterte through walls.


This units is un-armer but still a dangerous units: Thing about this, during the first game, one scout with explore command will see all of you stragetry make them will have counter stragetry as well.


Any units can defeat this one but they very fast need some units have far range or fast like this one.

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