Short Sword
Short Sword
Unit Information
Epoch: Medival
Trained at: Barrack
Type: Basic Infantry
Attack type: Melee
HP: 720
Attack: 40
Speed: 18
Range: 1
Cost: 275 Raw Material
Pop count: 2
Upgrades from: N/A
Upgrades to: Long Sword


It's a basic unit of Western in Empire Earth 3. A melee infantryman armed with a short sword. Can gain the ability torch buildings.


Short Sword (Ancient) - Slow melee unit, ideal for taking out enemy anti-cavarly.

  • Weak vs.: Shock Cavalry, Field Weapon


  • Torch – Allows swordsmen to throw torchesonto buildings, setting them on fire.
  • Research Pierce-Resistance Armor – Trains swordsmen to block and dodge arrows or other ranged weapons, reducing  damage received.

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